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Pink Himalayan Salt Benefits – Yea or Nay?

Himalayan Salt Soap

This post is in celebration of today’s holiday: International Skeptics Day. I’m sure you’ve already heard about the benefits of pink Himalayan salt. The sea salt located deep within the Himalayan Mountains was produced many millions of years ago. It was covered with lava a long time ago and is now surrounded by ice and snow. Both coverings are thought to have kept the salt pure. The pink color is due to its iron content. The salt also contains iodine, magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, and a whole host of other minerals–80+ minerals, actually. As you may already know, some of the purported benefits of ingesting the salt are as follows:

♦  aids proper metabolism function
♦  improves circulation
♦  detoxifying
♦  helps with the body’s absorption of nutrients
♦  strengthens bones
♦  lowers blood pressure
♦  is anti-microbial
♦  helps with acid reflux

The salt is also being praised for reducing signs of aging. I am wholeheartedly choosing to believe that this is true!

There are also plenty of skeptics’ reports stating that the minerals contained in the salt are in such trace amounts that they really don’t provide much benefit. They also say that the body already contains enough of the minerals contained in the salt. It is additionally reported that while Himalayan salt might be more pure than other sea salt, the contamination in sea salt is so little, that the difference is miniscule. Skeptics believe Himalayan salt is the just the current fashion, similar to a latest Hollywood craze.

Whether you agree that ingesting the salt provides beneficial results or not, here’s something I do know: External use of Himalayan salt on can provide relief for a variety of skin conditions such as itchy skin, eczema, psoriasis and rashes. If you bathe regularly with it, you’ll see what I mean. Despite skeptics’ claims, my muscles feel more relaxed after a soak and my skin looks and feels better than if I were to bathe with regular sea salt. Since I am not a scientist, I really can’t comment if the mineral benefits are absorbed by your body through your skin for internal benefit. I can only go by my customers’ feedback that my Himalayan salt soap has helped their various skin conditions. The spa-like experience also provides soothing relief to the body and mind.

Check out my Yen for Zen Himalayan salt scrub soap.  It has relaxing exfoliation with an intoxicating green tea/sandlewood scent.  If you’re having skin issues or just want to have a spa-like experience, I recommend giving a Himalayan salt soap bar a try. Bonus: salt bars keep your shower clean.

Now let’s get back to what’s important, shall we? I’ll let you know in 10 years if the purported anti-aging benefits prove to be true. If so, I guess 60 will be the new 20.


Rainy Days and Jammies – Perfect Together

Image courtesy of dan/

Image courtesy of dan/

Didja ever notice how you want to skip work and just lounge in your jammies on rainy days and watch bad TV? I’ll take that one step further: I want to lounge in my monkey print jammies with feet, drink hot chocolate with an obscene amount of marshmallows, bake cookies and watch bad TV. Tip: the worse the TV show, the more marshmallows are required.

If it rains on my day off, I still find perks: (1) I have full permission to do my hot chocolate/monkey feet jammies/bad TV routine, or (2) I will finally do some much-needed housework because I don’t feel like I need to get outside and enjoy nice weather. If the sun should peek out at any time on a Saturday, however, be advised that vacuuming can wait another six months.

What do you do on rainy days? Cooking? Lounging? More productive activities?


The 10 Commandments of Food Shopping Etiquette

Image courtesy of bplanet at

Image courtesy of bplanet at

I choose to aggravate myself at the Shop Wrong grocery store every Saturday. I get up and go at Oh Six Hundred Hours to avoid people who, mostly likely, will irritate me. (Here’s some TMI: I also look like a troll who crawled out of the sewer because I play the odds that I won’t run into anyone I know at that time of the morning.) Anyway, it is my strong belief that fellow customers should obey my rules. Please know that strict adherence will be closely monitored. Here are my ten commandments of food shopping etiquette:

ONE:  Thou shall not bend down and tie one’s shoe at the entrance door to the store or linger for any other reason, such as to review that week’s flyer. This should be done prior to departure from home. I will have no choice but to roll my cart over an individual for such unconscionable behavior. (To that end, it’s not OK to opt for the cart with the squeaky wheel either.)

TWO:  Thou shall not park an unattended cart right smack in the middle of the aisle thruway. If I can’t safely pass on the left, harsh disciplinary action will be taken. Perhaps losing the privilege of partaking in the baked goods section and potato chip aisle might be an appropriate sanction.

THREE:  Thou shall not make me wait to procure a product in the aisle because he or she decides to read all of the labels in excruciating detail. It is common knowledge that the powdered soup has 10 times the yearly recommended allowance of monosodium bloat-a-mate in one serving. Throw it in the cart and move on; someone will eat it.

FOUR:  Thou shall not make a turn at the end of the aisle without first making a complete stop and looking both ways. This will, in addition to cutting down on collision accidents, ensure that I have a fighting chance to get the last jar of Fluffernutter which is on sale. And watch your speed; this isn’t a highway.

FIVE:  Thou shall not get into the 10 item express lane with more than 12 items. That is as much slack as I am willing to give. If you fail to comply, you will be subject to endless sighs set forth in an accusatory tone, loud finger tapping, and burning stares.

SIX:  Thou shall not pay with a check that has not been 90% filled out ahead of time. In fact, thou shall not pay with a check at all. Whip out the debit card and wrap up your transaction in an expedient manner.

SEVEN:  Thou shall not dig for pennies in one’s ratty old change purse for 10 minutes resulting in my ice cream melting on the conveyor belt. (This also applies to coupons resting at the bottom of your bag. Move on. You know they are expired anyway; they’ve been balled up in your purse since 1952.)

EIGHT:  Thou (and this “thou” pertains to the checkout clerk) shall not chew gum like a cow eating salt water taffy and comment in painful detail on every item in my cart. Said checkout person should have the common sense to realize that I’d rather smash my skull with a ball peen hammer than be there another minute.

NINE:  Thou shall not mosey on out of the store and through the parking lot at the speed of -5 miles per hour.  As no one seems to walk as fast as I do, I will ensure check points will be established to make sure that the appropriate minimum mph gait will be observed.

TEN:  Thou shall not, under any circumstances, talk on the cell phone within 50 yards of my person. This behavior inevitably leads to more serious offenses. Thus, this is a capital offense and will result in mandatory checkout in the above-mentioned gum-chewing commentator’s line.

Please also know that I park waaaaaaaay far away in the lot  to avoid abandoned shopping carts and other cars. Parking a large SUV two inches from my vehicle, when there are plenty of other more convenient spots available, will also not be tolerated.

If you notice anyone who is not in compliance with these ten commandments, please let me know. Immediate action will be taken to ensure that the perp is punished accordingly.