How To Make Soy Candles – It’s So Easy

soy wax candles 29Forever Soaps+

soy wax candles 29Forever Soaps+

DIY Soy wax candles are a great project because they are easier to make than common paraffin candles (due to low shrinkage and easy clean up). More importantly, however, soy wax is healthier and better for a variety of reasons. (Read my post on the reasons why here.) Also, soy wax can hold a lot of scent. Both the cold and hot scent throw is killer! The choice is yours whether to make molded or container candles. Since I prefer container candles, this post focuses on the how-to for those.

First, you need to choose your jar. Since soy wax tends to burn longer than paraffin, I like the 8 oz. jars. You will need:

One 8 oz. jelly jar
6.5 oz. soy wax suitable for container candles
Pre-tabbed wick
Optional colorant (I like the concentrated liquid dyes.)
A maximum of .8 oz. scent

Heat the wax on low heat on the stove (or in the microwave) until fully melted. Meanwhile, secure the wick in the jar. Then, add your colorant and stir. (The liquid colorant is extremely concentrated. Take a toothpick to obtain only a dot of color for one jar.) Let the wax cool down to 120º F. Add the scent and stir. Pour into the container once the wax has cooled to 110º F – 100º F. You can keep the wick centered with a wick centering tool. I find clothes pins also do the trick.

Once the wax has completely hardened, the top is sometimes not completely smooth or there may be a mottled “frosting” appearance on top. This can be easily solved by using a heat gun for a few seconds on the top.  Sometimes, you have to use the heat gun a couple of times.

That’s it!  You’re all set. You now have a beautiful and highly-scented candle which will not only burn a lot longer than a paraffin candle, but also won’t deposit nasty soot stains around your home.



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