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DIY Homemade Caffeine Eye Cream


This homemade eye cream is smooth and rich and contains caffeine for puffiness. This recipe makes a little over an ounce of product and fits nicely in a small jelly jar, small candle jar, or you can recycle a couple of empty eye cream jars.  I prefer to use a couple of lip balm pots or lip balm slider tins for containers. This cream is perfect for the bags ‘n’ sags of 50+ year-old eyes. (Not that I would know; I’m 29 forever, of course.)

.2 – .3 oz. refined beeswax
.1 oz. Vitamin E
.6 oz. calendula oil extract
.3 oz. jojoba oil (or castor oil)
.1 oz. caffeine powder (or a bit less)

Optional:  carrot seed or frankincense essential oils

Melt the beeswax with the oils in a double boiler.  (If you opt to use a microwave, do not use a glass container. It may break.  [Yes, I’ve lived and learned.]) Stir in the caffeine powder and pour into your container(s). I also like to throw in a smidge–just a smidge–of either carrot seed or frankincense essential oils, both of which are healing and regenerative.  If it is not the consistency you prefer, add a bit more beeswax.

I think the caffeine powder helps with puffiness.  I open and use these capsules. (It wouldn’t be practical to walk around with cucumbers on your eyes all day, right? I’m not sure that would bode well at work or school. Besides, you’d develop chronic “neckitis” from tilting your head all day. That’s a topic for another time.)

Calendula oil is a wonderful anti-inflammatory and non-greasy.  Vitamin E is not only nourishing to the skin but is also an antioxidant. It will extend the life of other oils. Skin-soothing jojoba oil and castor oil also have long shelf lives and are all wonderful for the delicate skin under the eyes.

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