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Monday Morning Angst

Monday Morning Blues Soap

Monday Morning Blues Soap

Well, it’s early morning on Sunday and it’s already begun:  the Monday Morning Blues have officially commenced. You feel me? There are just certain days that I’d rather dive off a cliff wearing a chum-lined evening gown into shark-infested waters than think about the weekend coming to an end. Here’s how I’m going to deal with it today:

♦ Throw back a pot of coffee
♦ Treat myself to pumpkin pancakes while throwing back said coffee
♦ Decide where I’m going to go for a lonnnnnnnnnnnnng, stress-reducing walk
♦ More importantly, decide where The Husband is going to take me to lunch after said walk
♦ Contemplate going to a local fall festival and buying more things I don’t need
♦Eat too many Kashi chocolate chip/oatmeal cookies (Those are almost like health food though, right?)
♦ Take a relaxing bath (I suppose a glass or 3 of wine might go well with that)
♦ Get lost in a really good book and try to forget for an hour that the impending doom is dangerously close

Once I get to the evening bath ritual, acceptance usually starts to sink in. At that point, a bowl of ice cream is in order. Well, only 5 workdays until the weekend again AND it’s a full moon this Monday. So I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice.

In order to shake off the Monday Morning Dread, you might want to give my soap that smells like “weekend” a try. It has that familiar Coppertone-like happy scent. Close your eyes, use the soap, and you’re back at the beach. Just kidding. Call out sick.  Here’s the link.

Happy Day Before Monday Morning Angst!  Enjoy!